Mixing and matching materials has always been one of the core strengths of Titto. For autumn/winter 2018 designer Sandra Buyck decided to play into Titto’s unique strength and amplified Titto’s endless combinations. From natural to semiprecious stones, from leather to fur details and from fabric to resin, Sandra let her imagination run wild and surprised us with new techniques, shapes and combinations. A new addition this season were the astonishing ceramic elements that proved to tie in neatly with all of Titto’s other natural elements. 
As a designer and creative chameleon, Sandra is always looking for new and innovative ways to surprise and amaze the Titto woman. While spring/summer 2018 was focused on creating a younger and more dynamic approach, autumn/winter 2018 started from the idea of evolving and maturing as a woman.

By focusing on a more mature image, Sandra uncovered a new sense of elegance and class in Titto’s designs, while at the same time remaining playful, approachable and young. This timeless aesthetic translated into four unique themes, of which each has a clear sense of inspiration and ideas behind it. While ‘Winter Warmth’ focuses on warm and sultry shades that seduce your senses, ‘Snowball’ offers a fresh and modern take on muted pastels. ‘Spices of Life’ takes you along on an exotic trip to uncover the hidden treasures of faraway cultures and ‘Into the Night’ adds a necessary touch of drama to the season. For every theme, there’s a wild array of options in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves available that can be combined within each theme or across the different moods.
Titto not only evolves each season, but also grows alongside you. Each season the Titto woman is surprised by new combinations and colours and each season Titto faces the challenge to amaze you once again. Keep adding to your collection, keep mixing what you already own. Evolve. Grow. Let your own imagination run wild and help us surprise you for seasons to come.


This summer/spring 2019 flutters between female empowerment, a sense of delicate frivolity and adventurous, tropical dreams. SS19 is the summer of contradictions that the Titto woman can embrace all at once or little by little.
This season, designer Sandra Buyck found inspiration in a myriad of places, which translated into four themes that each come with their own strengths and colour palettes, all while staying true to Titto’s vision of breaking the rules and having fun along the way.
One of the contradictions that can be found in the SS19 collection, is in the addition of new materials. Wood, pearl shell, glow in the dark elements, resin and magnetic brooches, may seem an arbitrary bunch of new additions into Titto’s material mix. In fact, they all support the spring/summer 2019 vision: classic elements have the power to become modern and vice versa. It all depends on how you combine, style and integrate them.
While the addition of wood and glow in the dark elements works wonderfully within this season’s ‘Tropical glitch’ theme, pearl shell, resin and rose gold enrich ‘Pink punk’ and elevate the ‘New neutral’ themes. ‘Primary play’ has rules of its own, a colour burst of primary shades that forms the origin of colours as we know them. The goal is simple and the same as every other season: dare to play, dare to have fun!


New Neutral

Shades that are impossible to resist but blend in perfectly with your existing wardrobe. That’s the purpose of Titto’s spring/summer 2019 ‘new neutral’ hues. Subverting classic white, black and grey, these earth-tones offer a newfound sense of tranquillity and peace. From ochre-yellow to camel brown, from dusty orange to bleached pastel tones, these rich shades integrate seamlessly into your day to day style, without overpowering or dominating the image that you are creating.

In keeping with the brand’s heritage, Titto’s natural materials merged expertly with these earth-tones, highlighting each of the materials best features. Chunky wooden bracelets mingle with colourful feather earrings while semiprecious stone shimmer in their natural hues on pendants and necklaces.

Pink Punk

This spring/summer 2019 Titto sets out to prove that delicate can also be strong and empowering. Embracing the most feminine of shades in all its hues, Titto escapes from sweet and childish connotations and embraces a strong and stylish vision. From millennial pink to dusty rose, blush, peony, bubblegum, rose gold and neon, there isn’t a shade that escapes being incorporated into Titto’s girl power vision. 

From dangling bangles to leather wrap bracelets, soft foulards with see-through details or glimmering pearl shell, pink fits into every style and occasion.

Tropical Glitch

Imagine yourself on a tropical island on a sultry summer evening. The moonlight cascades onto the ocean and illuminates neon coral and tropical fish that graze by your hands and legs. The stars twinkle and your shadow cascades onto golden sand. This is the starting point for Titto’s ‘Tropical glitch’ theme that translates into glow in the dark details, dark botanical prints, shining pearl shell and cuffs and beads that reflect the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. Come away with us and leave all your worries behind…

Primary Play

While some may look forward to a relaxing vacation during their spring/summer 2019 season, school certainly isn’t out this time around. For SS19, Titto steers away from an abundance of colour clashes and focusses on solid, primary colours. Cobalt blue, canary yellow and fire-engine red works with anything and everything but truly shine in strong monochromatic looks. Opt for yellow accessories like semiprecious earrings that reflect the sunshine on your face, or go for a fierce red detail around your neck in the form of a scarf or layered necklaces. Feeling calmer and zen-like today? Then different shades of blue will adorn your wrists perfectly.

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